I am a third-generation San Franciscan, a percussionist since early youth. My formal studies in music include the University of Oregon and Musikhochschule in Frankfurt, Germany. After wandering through Europe in the 80's playing classical timpani and percussion, I returned to the States only to forsake classical music and discover my true passion and destiny: the Brazilian Samba.

In 1986, I learned the basics of Batucada, playing surdo for Escola Nova de Samba in San Francisco. Not satisfied with the typical surdo mallets from Brazil or with American bass drum beaters, I began designing and selling my own surdo mallets. Since then, I've refined my designs and expanded the line to 12 standard surdo mallets, beaters for tamborim and repinique, and many accessories for the ritimista.

After marching in almost 20 parades at Carnaval San Francisco and as a regular on staff at California Brazil Camp, I've received training from the world’s finest teachers. Mestre Jorge Alabe Bezzera, Mestre Ailton da Mangueira, Justino Roger, Carlinhos do Pandeiro de Ouro, and Chalo Eduardo have all freely shared with me their musical and spiritual wisdom. A pilgrimage to Brazil’s great Samba institutions, such as Mangueira, Mocidade and Viradouro as well as to Rio’s coolest spots, Canecão, Plataforma, and Bip-Bip deepened my appreciation of Samba and Brazilian culture.

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